What is Zipline REALLY?

Zipline employs the use of Ciscos ASA and PIX irewall VPN appliance hardware. At the moment we're strictly an IPSec solution, however we are exploring SSL vpn solutions as well as OpenVPN based solutions for mobile devices (What's that you say? IPSec–based VPN for rooted android devices? Tasty!).

We've been asked about UDP filtering: Our solution offers both TCP and UDP based IPSec tunnels. SSL tunnels are also available upon request.

Speed and performance: Our equipment is in a robust colocation facility, attached to a variety of uplinks. Speed and latency should not be any issue.

If we get far enough in this endevour clients will be geo–loadbalanced to the nearest zipline.

Sounds like you're a startup!: We're absolutely a startup! One of our core goals is to show appreciation – thats why all users who sign up during our beta phase get ALL the perks and ALL the gimmies we have to offer. In the future we'll be adding value to the product in the form of extra layers of security – these will be additional costs for newer subscribrers, but those of you who are kindhearted enough to support Aten Labs through our infancy are considered family.

Aren't you afraid of people using zipline for torrenting, spamming, or other things you may get in trouble for?: Not really – as a security company we think its our JOB to police our own networks and maintain a clean, friendly environment for honest customers. To date we've never had anyone on our network break the rules. As far as DMCA notices go, we've never gotten one and we requre a court order to reveal ANY data about our customers. We hold your privacy in the STRICTEST confidence.

Drop us a line if you'd like to chat about it – info [at] atenlabs [dot] com